Hulce Associates

hulce associates

Most searches are completed within in 60-90 days. We are able to match and often exceed our Clients sense of urgency though never sacrifice quality


Weeks 1-3

Intensive research which includes targeting specific companies, and candidate identification followed by qualification. Presentation of several candidate resumes that have been prequalified by us will be presented by week 3-4


Weeks 3-5

Candidate interviews. I personally interview all potential candidates and present between 4 and 6 of the highest quality candidate matches the Client for consideration.


Weeks 4-8

Candidate qualification. Initial interviews will be set up and conducted by the Client. An appraisal for each candidate introduced is prepared prior to the Client interviews


Weeks 8-12

Candidate Selection. Finalist candidate(s) will have second and/or third round of interviews. Selected candidate’s final reference reporting will be conducted and presented, and I will assist with offer negotiations and candidate counseling.